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Welcome to Indira Pets Clinic

The goal of every loving pet parent is for his or her furry companion to live a long, happy and healthy life. Indira Pets Clinic take this objective very seriously, and we place a strong emphasis on wellness care – the foundation of good health. Our wellness visits are two-fold. First, we build a trusting relationship with you and your pet. When your pet feels safe and comfortable with us, we can more accurately evaluate their health and administer care to manage that health over time. The second component is clinical, including a thorough physical examination to ensure that your pet’s body is functioning as it should be. It is here that we’ll devise a customized preventative health care plan that includes vaccinations, intestinal parasite screens, blood and urine screens, dental cleanings and other services.

Facilities for your Pets

Veterinary facilities are available at our Indira Pet's Clinic at Mira Road. Our clinic is powered by the best veterinary software company in india for maintainance of all patient records of the clinic and has a timely reminder system. The reminder system sends emails and sms to clients informing them about their pets upcoming vet appointments. We also tag and save the previous blood reports and x rays with individual pet records so as to access them for regular health check ups and follow ups.


Treatments that will best suit your pet’s needs, based on our years of experience as a vet and also on ways that treatment practices are constantly improving


Get your pet vaccinated without paying additional examination fee. Vaccine prices are reasonable.


Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery – from spay, neuter to a range of surgical care for pets. The specialty of our surgery and post-surgical care is exceptional and unparalleled.


Host of diagnostics and tests including Skin scrapings, Vaginal cytology and Fecal smear on in-house camera microscope. Facility of modern technology digital systems.

Pet Shop

Well stocked Pet Shop – Our pet shop is well stocked with all the leading pet food brands as well as all the good quality supplements and accessories needed for a great pet health.

Pet Boarding

SPECIALISED PET BOARDING - Many a times you need a home away from home for participations like family functions, holidays or even emergency. We are here to attend your pet.

Indira Pet's Clinic & Care Center